How to Sign Up for Alerts

Updating emergency contact information in ESTHER

Log into ESTHER and click on "Rice Alert" in the Personal Information tab. Follow the directions on screen.

STUDENTS: Please note that if you register your parents' contact information with the Rice Alert system, they will receive emergency alerts as well.

Downloading the Everbridge mobile app

This is a helpful tool for you to use but it is OPTIONAL to download.

The mobile app is the fastest method of receiving alerts.

  1. Download the Everbridge app for iOS and Android
  2. Open the app and enter "sammy1912" (all lowercase) in the "Organization/Subscription" search bar.
  3. Login with your Rice NetID.
  4. On the "Share Your Location?" screen, click "Allow." If you do not wish to share your location, you can disregard or disable this feature.
  5. On the "Safety Settings" screen, if "United States" isn't listed as the country on the "Phone Number" line, select "United States."
  6. On the line that says "Add a phone number," type in your cellphone number.

Rice Alerts will go to the app first, so this will be a quick and easy way to receive them.

Rice Alert texts will come from Rice’s emergency notification phone number 713-348-8888 or the SMS short code 89361. We recommend that you add the phone number and SMS short code to your cellphone contacts under the name "Rice Alert" so you will be able to recognize messages from Rice Crisis Management.