Frequently Asked Questions

Who can subscribe?

Faculty, students, and staff can designate multiple recipients' mobile phone numbers and email addresses to receive emergency updates through ESTHER.

How are alerts received?

Alerts will be sent via email, text, and voice call (cellular or landline) as designated by you.

How will the university use my cell phone number and email address?

Subscribers' cell phones and email addresses will remain confidential and will be used only for emergency notifications by Rice Alert.

Does the service cost anything to use?

Subscribing to emergency text messages is free. However, your cell phone carrier may charge you to receive text messages. Please check with your cellphone vendor for details.

When will Rice use Rice Alert?

Rice will limit use of this emergency contact information to only communicate critical information. Rice urges community members to take seriously any emergency notifications and to respond accordingly. The University periodically tests its emergency communications systems.

Can I opt out of emergency alerts?

While it is not recommended, you can opt out of receiving emergency/critical information by checking the Opt Out box in ESTHER.